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Have You Heard This One Before, The Drift.


It's Good for You Because It Comes Out of Your Own Body, Joyland.

The Animal, The Cleveland Review of Books.


A Relic, Soft Punk.

The Church of Astrochristians, Soft Punk.

Other People, Columbia Journal.


On replying for Dirt.


On Annie Ernaux for Astra.

On Jean Rhys for Gawker (archived on Repeating Islands).

On body types for The New York Times.

On Mieko Kawakami for The Baffler.

On Sally Rooney for Soft Punk.

On whiteness and lifestyle content for Majuscule.

On Megan Nolan for Soft Punk.

On going home for Popula.

On cancel culture for the Los Angeles Times.

On Marlowe Granados for Soft Punk.

On police violence for the Los Angeles Times.

On gender reveal wildfires for the Los Angeles Times.

On the performing arts graduates of 2020 for Elle.

On Gen Z and the 2020 election for the Los Angeles Times.

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