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Have You Heard This One Before, The Drift, July 2023.


It's Good for You Because It Comes Out of Your Own Body, Joyland, January 2023.


A Relic, Soft Punk Magazine, January 2021.

The Church of Astrochristians, Soft Punk Magazine, July 2020.

Other People, Columbia Journal, November 2019.


The Day Player film column, Cultured, December 2021-September 2022


How She Sees Herself: On Annie Ernaux's diary Getting Lost, Astra Magazine, September 2022


The Woman Without Qualities, The Baffler, July 2022

The Sadness of Jean Rhys, Gawker, December 2021

Down But Not Out in New York City, Soft Punk Magazine, September 2021


Join Society, Soft Punk Magazine, September 2021

Dump Him, Soft Punk Magazine, March 2021


What Was 'Replying'?, Dirt, October 2023


What's Your Kibbe Type?, The New York Times, March 2022


Did Stephen Dedalus Invent Oat Milk?, Gawker, September 2021

From Yale To Pole Dancing: The Performing Arts Graduates Of 2020, One Year Later,, May 2021


Sandpaper for the Brain, Majuscule, October 2020.

A letter on why me having only 724 Twitter followers is an assault on free speech, The Los Angeles Times, July 2020.

34I, The Yale Daily News Magazine, April 2019.

Remembering Parties, Popula, January 2019.


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